TV Repair

TV Stopped Working?

Give GTS a call before buying a new one. Our affordable prices will get your TV fixed without breaking the bank!


GTS breaks TV repair into two simple pricing categories:

  1. LED strip replacements: $40 plus the parts cost. (uses new strips ONLY)
  2. All other repairs: $25 plus the parts cost. (uses new or used parts depending on customer preferences)

How It Works:

  1. We accept a TV for repair. We’ll then troubleshoot the TV until the faulty part is identified.
  2. We’ll then quote a price to the customer. We leave the final decision on proceeding with a repair up to the customer. If a customer does not want to proceed with the repair, GTS will waive the checkout fee in exchange for the TV as a “core”. If a customer wants their TV back, GTS will re-assemble the unit and charge a $25 checkout fee.

*GTS will always install NEW LED strips for a repair. All other parts are up to the discretion of the customer on whether to use new or used parts*