Electronics Recycling Collection Events:

We make hosting an electronics recycling event really easy and affordable!

Why Choose GTS For Your Next Collection Event?

  1. We charge a single flat fee per event
  2. We have multiple collection event slots available from early spring to late fall
  3. We do not charge per pound on electronics and batteries
  4. We accept a large variety of electronics and batteries at our collection events


My organization wants to do multiple collection events in a year. Is this something we can do?

Absolutely! If you are satisfied with the first event feel free to let us know and we'll put you down for another one!

How is your flat fee calculated?

Our fee is calculated based on distance to the event, length of event, and number of employees we need to bring along.

How far away from Billings are you willing to go for hosting events?

We currently have our maximum distance set at 150 miles away from our warehouse for events. If you would like us to host an event further away please contact us.

My organization has already held the collection event. Would your rates be less if you just had to come and pick everything up?

Yes, our rates would be significantly less.

Our town is looking to host a collection event. Is there a minimum town population that you will pick up for?

We will gladly host collection events for towns of any size.

How long during the year are you doing collection events?

We have openings for collection events starting in April and ending in September.

What do you do with used hard drives?

The short answer: we always destroy hard drives and never reuse them. 

Learn more about how we destroy hard drives ⟩