Microwave Repair

Microwave Stopped Working?

Give GTS a call before buying a new one. Our affordable repair services will get your microwave fixed without breaking the bank!


We break microwave repairs down into two simple pricing categories:

  1. Range Microwaves:           $35
  2. Countertop Microwaves:   $25

*For all minor components (thermal fuses, switches, etc.) we use new components.

*For all major components (transformers, magnetrons, etc.) we install refurbished components.

Want us to quote a price for using new major components? Let us know and we’ll get you a quote.

How It Works:

  1. Customers drop off their microwaves for repair at our warehouse (350 S Billings Blvd Suite #2A)
  2. We diagnose your microwave and identify the faulty part.
  3. We get your microwave repaired. For all major components (transformers, magnetrons, etc.) we repair with refurbished components. For all minor components (switches, fuses, etc.) we repair with new components.

*Please note: We do not repair microwaves with exposed metal or rust inside the cooking chamber. We do accept them for free recycling at our drop off locations.*

Looking for Replacement Glass Platters or other parts?

Bring in your broken platter or other parts in and we’ll find a replacement one for you!