How we destroy hard drives

At Green Technology Solutions we understand the importance of keeping your data secure. As

a result, every hard drive regardless of functionality is destroyed in house. No hard drives are

reused, and no intact hard drives are sent to third party recyclers.

Below is our process of how we destroy your hard drives:

  1. Your hard drives are received. Hard drives are collected from one of our many drop off locations.
  2. We then scan the serial number barcode to log the drive in our records
  3. The circuit board is then removed and sent to a recycler that shreds them up.
  4. The remainder of the drive is then put into a hydraulic press where it is physically bent rendering the unit completely unusable.
  5. The destroyed hard drives are then sent to a local metal recycler where they will be made into new products.

We’ve installed a secure drop off slot at our main 350 S Billings Blvd. location! For your

convenience this slot is open for your hard drives 24-7.